BBC’s The Apprentice

BBC’s The Apprentice

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It has always been a dream of mine to apply for BBC’s The Apprentice and sit across from Lord Sugar in his infamous boardroom.

I have grown up watching the show as a child and thought exactly the same as everybody else… “I could do a much better job of those tasks than this bunch of so-called businessmen and women!” 2020 applications opened and I decided to go for it…and fast forward through the various interview stages, I got a call offering me a place as one of just 16 candidates on Season 16 of the hit business show! WOW.


Then the hard work began.. a mad rush to get my business plan up to scratch & plans to handover my responsibilities so the business could manage without me whilst I went off to battle it out for Lord Sugar’s investment!

One thing’s for sure… I was entering the process with a very clear mindset- I’m in it to WIN it!

Stay tuned on BBC One, Thursdays at 9 pm to see if I can get through the tasks & get the opportunity to pitch my business to Lord Sugar and his team!

I am oh so FOCUSED!


Harpsi xoxo