NEW yummy recipes & creations

NEW yummy recipes & creations

When we first set up our dessert parlours, there were only a handful of other companies doing anything similar. Serving up hot fresh waffles, crepes, cookie dough & more, the dessert spot concept was far and few between if we rewind a few years back! As time goes on, we have found that customers are always looking for something new to try as we all want to experience something unique!

We began researching and testing out new products within our stores, and we now have BIG NEWS.. we have created our very own Oh-So-Yum dessert range.. and the new goodies are totally and mindblowingly s uper-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious! The best part is that these products pack well & we can deliver these out to customers nationwide! This means you can enjoy Oh-So Yum treats no matter where you, just incase you don’t live near one of our own stores. There is a lot of thought and work that has gone on behind the scenes to ensure these products reach your doorstep in the best possible way, down to weighing the individual products.

What to expect? We have created the most delicious cookie pies, cookie cups and more…. my personal favourite is the BROOKIE!This is a layer of both brownie and cookie, baked to perfection & topped and baked with the most delicious flavours 😛
Here are some very embarassing pics of me & Guv in hairnets in the bakery as we sample and taste the goods… gosh our job is so difficult sometimes. It isn’t easy taste testing and eating desserts all day 😛

Don’t take my word for it.. order yours today & let me know what you think. Just pick your flavour and thank me later…

Harpsi xoxo