BIG news… A new chapter for our company

BIG news… A new chapter for our company

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Barni’s World… ? Have you seen Barni’s online or maybe you have visited one of our stores? Barni is the name of Guv’s daughter (my niece) and we decided to name the business after her, for a number of reasons.

We are extremely close as a family, and as the business is run by us two sisters, we wanted to keep the name as something that meant something special to us… and so Barni’s World was born. With our favourite colour purple and the help of a local branding agency, we have become known in our local area of West Yorkshire & many people love to ‘go get a Barni’s’….. However, as time has gone on- we felt that we needed to firm up our brand messaging, our tone & attitude.. to make sure it represents us as a WHOLE.

The name Barni’s will always hold a special sentimental place in our hearts… but it’s time to embrace the new. 

We are super excited to announce our rebrand to OH SO YUM. We have been working collaboratively with Bristol-based creative design agency We Are Halo… & we absolutely love the results. We feel that our new brand look just feels….. oh so elevated, oh so clear, and oh so exciting! Check out our ABOUT US page to find out more about what we stand for 🙂

Our stores will transition to the new name and look very soon.. and give us some time to get things crossed over with socials 🙂 We are still the same company, same team, same yummy goods… but oh so much better…

Hope you like it. Check out our merch section and get your hands on some of our gear! Tag us in your pics.

Harpsi xoxo

P.S Barni isn’t very happy about it… but we hope she will come round to the idea soon 🙂